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Death of Professor Manfred Cierpka, University of Heidelberg

We greatly regret to announce Manfred Cierpka’s death.
Professor Cierpka was a wonderful friend of FYIR and spoke several times at the group’s seminars. Our visit to Germany, arranged by Manfred Cierpka shortly before his death (see ‘Events’ page), was undertaken as a memorial to his marvellous work for infants and those who care for them.

FYIR adviser Graham Music, talks to Geoff Watts on BBC Radio 4 about adverse childhood experiences and the evidence from the ACE study in the United States and other similar research.

Graham also talks about the work that is being done by organisations like FYIR led by our Chair, The Rt Hon Frank Field MP, to generate policy change in the UK:

The Lancet publishes a letter from FYIR Expert Adviser Dr. Sebastian Kraemer on the earliest possible interventions to support parents during the perinatal period.

Dr Kraemer writes that many recent studies have shown links between perinatal conditions and child health outcomes but a clinical judgement of need doesn’t always necessarily prescribe a proven intervention. Dr Kraemer outlines the importance of working together across the various disciplines during the perinatal period to make the best practical use of existing knowledge which might also generate testable hypotheses about clinical interventions which could then be rigorously tested. See the full letter here.

APPG Conception to Age 2: first 1001 days – Building Great Britons

The report of the APPG’s inquiry into perinatal mental health and child maltreatment can be accessed here:

Response to Zoe Williams article

Frank Field MP, then Chair of FYIR and Dr Sue Gerhardt expert adviser to FYIR have written to the Guardian newspaper in response to an article by Zoe Williams on neuroscience and early years policy. You can find their letters here

The 1001 Critical Days manifesto

The 1001 Critical Days manifesto was launched in September 2013 by FYIR Chair and Labour MP Frank Field, Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom, Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. The manifesto forms part of a cross-party campaign that seeks to place the conception to age two period at the heart of government policy making. The manifesto identifies the types of services that should be available for all new parents and their babies and outlines a shared vision for a radical change in our approach to the first three years of an infant’s life. The launch of the manifesto was reported in the following news articles:

Letter to Michael Gove

Foundation Years Information and Research wrote to Michael Gove to ask him to consider including parenting in the new national curriculum. The letter can be found here.

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