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Investing in health? We need early interventions or else it is too late

Leading medical groups and charities writing in the Independent in October 2014 welcome ‘the fact that the NHS has risen to the top of the political agenda and some new spending commitments have been made.’ (letter to the editor, The Independent, 5th October 2014).  

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Bonding and the brain

A baby is programmed to lock into an intense and passionate engagement with a caregiver. Unlike ducklings, the first person that a baby comes into contact with is not necessarily the individual with whom this bond is formed; otherwise a lot of babies would stay with their midwives.

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Long term impact

It is now clear that the early months of life are the critical period at which a child’s brain is ‘mapped on’ to its environment.  Social risk factors and, it may well be, genetic risk factors can be ‘switched off’ by consistent and interactive care and communication at this stage of life.

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