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Les Premiers 1000 Jours November 2019

With the support of our partners in Paris, the pioneering and effective group Ensemble pour l'Education de la Petite Enfance, the FYIR Trustees, Dr Rob Hale, Professor Pasco Fearon, Dr Gabriella Conti and Nick Peacey were invited to give evidence to a day’s workshop in Paris developing Les Premiers 1000 Jours, President Macron’s national initiative to improve policy and practice in the earliest days of childhood. It was a privilege to debate issues and solutions with such a highly qualified and insightful group of French policymakers and practitioners. Both sides felt they had learned much from the discussions and we greatly look forward to seeing the French national plan develop. 

Visits to German centres of excellence 2018

Shortly before Professor Manfred Cierpka’s death, he arranged for Trustees preparing the round table series on Governance in the Foundation Years to visit the federal National Centre for Early Intervention in Cologne and the Ministry for Social Affairs in Saarbrucken in 2018.

These centres develop and maintain Manfred’s pioneering early intervention programme Keiner fällt durchs Netz (KFDN). We undertook the visit and the dissemination of its findings as a memorial to Manfred Cierpka’s marvellous work for infants and those who care for them.

The FYIR Round Table series 1 and 2

We have now run two very successful series of invitation Round Tables bringing together in Parliament top researchers, professionals and policy makers from the UK and the rest of the world to discuss the best ways forward for those in the earliest days of life.

Series 1: Bringing brilliant ideas across borders: Issues in migrating programmes across national and regional boundaries 

This series debated how to ensure leaders can ensure the successful introduction of a brilliant idea or initiative from one country or region to another.

Series 2: Framing society’s structures so that infants, families and communities thrive

We welcomed many distinguished speakers and audience members to our second series of Round Tables in autumn 2019.

Please contact the Secretary if you would like further details about our programme

Dr Gabriella Conti on the long-term impact of early intervention

An excellent talk from our Trustee Dr Gabriella Conti on her work on the long-term impact of early interventions with the Nobel prize-winner James Heckman was such a success that she was asked to repeat it to the All Party Parliamentary Group for the first 1001 Days of Life.